As part of the PlayTalkRead campaign a small, credit card-sized booklet was produced which offers ideas to parents and carers for things they can do with their children. See image below.

These booklets have been distributed via partners, the PlayTalkRead roadshow and were also included in Bookbug Toddler bags.

The booklet is made of 32 double-sided pages, bound by a plastic clip.

We have received two messages making us aware of incidents of the plastic clip being faulty and breaking if pulled apart with some effort. As child safety is of paramount importance we are taking the precautionary measure of flagging this issue to parents and carers or anyone who has a copy of the booklet.

In particular we would draw attention to the message on the back of the booklet which clearly states:

Please note: These 30 things to do flashcards are intended for parents and carers to enjoy playing, talking and reading together with their children and not as a toy for little ones to play with alone.

We want to reiterate and stress this message to any parent or carer who has a copy of the booklet.

We would suggest that should anyone have concerns they should dispose of the booklet.

Thank you for your help with this matter.