It's what mums and dads all over Scotland have been waiting for. Our play buses Benji and Bessie are on the move – and they're coming your way.

Perfect for pre-school children, our free play buses make a lovely day out for you and your child.

Downstairs, kids love the games and activities. On the top deck, there's a special Bookbug story time to give your child the giggles or take them on a little adventure. But mostly, our play buses aim to help children to have fun, enjoy learning and get more out of life.

You won't be bored either. It's a nice change of scene. There are always plenty of other parents with children to chat to. Plus our friendly Play Leaders are there to help you enjoy yourself and feel more confident when you Play, Talk and Read.

Remember, the play buses are completely free – and there may even be a little gift for your child when you leave the bus. So, get on board with Benji and Bessie. It's a great way to help your child grow up smart, happy and at ease with the world.