Taking your tot on the bus isn't always a lot of fun. (Especially if you're trying to wrestle a baby, a buggy and shopping onto public transport.) But Benji and Bessie, the PlayTalkRead buses, are different.

For a start, it's free and easy to get on the PlayTalkRead bus. Simply pop along and see us when we arrive in your area. And, as you can see from our photo gallery, children love playing games, doing activities and hearing stories.

Generally, we'll park up for a day or two somewhere safe and convenient for local people. Everyone is welcome on the PlayTalkRead bus: mums, dads, grannies and granddads, carers, and, of course, babies and toddlers. So, come along and discover how much fun you can have on the bus. (Have you ever seen a bus with a sandpit on board before?)

And, when you visit, why not share your snaps and Instagram photos on the PlayTalkRead Facebook page?