illustration of kids readingEvery day on the bus, we do Bookbug sessions on the top deck. Check out what happens when we share stories, rhymes and songs with the children.

What you'll find is that there are three things you can do to help your child grow up happy and confident. Those three things might be Little Pigs. Or they could be Three Bears who like porridge. Or Three Blind Mice who don't like being chased by a farmer's wife.

That's because children love it when you do stories together. Looking at books together, talking about the pictures – even getting it wrong so your child can correct you – these are brilliant ways to bond with your child and boost their brainpower.

Reading with your child is so much fun and so easy to do at home. Remember, books are free from your local library. You'll get a really warm welcome. The staff love to see new faces, and will be delighted to lend books for you and your child. (All over Scotland, there are free Bookbug sessions at local libraries, nurseries and shopping centres too. It's a really fun, sociable event and a great break from the old routine. Find out where your local Bookbug session is here.)

You will also get free books and goodies for you to share with your child in your Bookbug pack. Packs are given to every child in Scotland, from birth to Primary 1. Click here to find out more.)

Maybe you want to build a little library at home for your child? Here's an easy-to-make craft idea for you and your child to turn a boring cardboard box into a treasure chest of stories. Children's books don't cost much – especially if you ask grandparents and aunts and uncles to give books as the perfect birthday gift. You might also be surprised just how cheap children's books can be in charity shops and second hand book stores.