Alan Little


Senior Play
Worker on Benji

As our Senior Play Worker, Alan has a rich and varied background in play and youth work. Beginning his career as a football coach, Alan has a flare for working with, nurturing and supporting youngsters of all ages as well as children who require additional support or those with challenging behaviour. Alan worked consistently, and simultaneously, for Glasgow City Council, supporting and assisting in local schools and with youth project Reidvale Adventure Play Association Ltd (RAPA). Alan draws upon his knowledge of play, sport and education and his knowledge as a qualified Sensory Play Practitioner to plan, deliver and manage individualised play sessions.

What is your favourite children's book that you’ve read?
Monkey and Me. I love getting the kids involved with the actions!

What is your favourite children's game?
I love doing anything sporty, so when it's Summer I like to be outside and get everyone running around.

What piece of art/craft that you’ve produced are you most proud of?
When I’m on the bus, I always get the chance to make handmade greetings cards. My Valentine’s Day card went down especially well at home!

What is your favourite song/nursery rhyme?
My voice isn’t great so I like to use the hand puppets and get the kids and parents involved in action songs. ‘Five little monkeys’ always goes down well.

What do you enjoy most: playing, talking or reading?
I never used to be a big reader, until PlayTalkRead. Now I read all the time and make sure my wee girl gets a story every night.

If you were to describe yourself as a children's character or superhero, who would it be?
I’d be Peter Pan. Luckily with this job – I never have to grow up.

When you were a child what did you want to do when you grew up? 
A footballer – I still have hope that I’ll get called up one day!