Play Worker
and Driver

After working with early years children on the beautiful Isle of Lewis, Catriona has now joined us on the mainland to become part of the PlayTalkRead team. Catriona has worked with 0-5 year olds and primary age children, engaging with their learning and play activities on a daily basis. As well as her experience working with early years, Catriona also has a HNC in Early Education and Childcare and a degree in Language and Linguistics from Aberdeen University. With a smiley, friendly and enthusiastic attitude, as well as her love for arts and crafts Catriona won’t mind getting involved with the messier activities!

What is your favourite children's book that you’ve read?
My favourite book growing up has got to be Katie Morag, I could always relate to a wee girl growing up on the islands.

What is your favourite children's game?
I always loved playing 'Chinese Whispers'. I'm always really interested to see how the words have changed (sometimes quite drastically!) by the end of the game.

What piece of art/craft that you’ve produced are you most proud of?
I love arts and crafts so this is actually really difficult to answer! However, the one I remember most was making a ‘Pin the Sword on the Power Ranger’ game for a friend’s child. It took hours to draw and colour every individual sword, as well as the life sized power ranger, so when I was finished I was very pleased with myself. What makes me really proud of this achievement was the faces on the children when they played with it. The wee boy still has the power ranger as a poster on his wall now!

What is your favourite song/nursery rhyme?
Maybe not my favourite, but the one I sing the most is "It’s Raining, Its Pouring". I think this is my generic tune for letting everyone know when the rain is on, sometimes even when there aren't any children around!

What do you enjoy most: playing, talking or reading?
I would definitely say I enjoy playing the most, but I know others would disagree and say I enjoy talking a bit too much!

If you were to describe yourself as a children's character or superhero, who would it be?
I get really excitable like Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph, I also have a major sweet tooth!

When you were a child what did you want to do when you grew up? 
When I was little I always wanted to be the school teacher on the Isle of Coll.