Keeping kids amused at a birthday party is always a challenge, but this teddy bear ‘basketball’ game is always a winner. Everyone can join in and play.

What you need

A large piece of cardboard – just bigger than your little one

Teddy bears

Safety scissors


Muscle strength




Learning through watching and copying others

Learning how to cooperate with others and take turns

And don’t forget, the everyday things you do together make a big difference and can help your child to grow up healthier and happier.

How long will it take?

1 hr

What to do

  1. Cut a big hole in the middle of the cardboard and lean it against a wall. You might need to hold onto it during the game to keep it steady.

    mum with cardboard
  2. Now everyone can take turns trying to throw the teddy bears in the hole. Ready, teddy, toss!

    children playing