Stuck for fun simple ideas to do with your child? We’ve created a list for you to download. From building a secret den to pretending to be a super hero, you and your kid will have loads of ideas for things to do together.

  1. Feed the birds
  2. Play Peek-A-Boo
  3. Play in the park
  4. Sing The Wheels on the Bus
  5. Smile for a selfie
  6. Do the actions to Incy Wincy Spider
  7. Spot a plane in the sky
  8. Have a singsong
  9. Pop bubbles!
  10. Have a laugh in the bath
  11. Jump in a puddle
  12. Make a handprint
  13. Make a splash in the washing up bowl
  14. Create a picture out of pasta shapes
  15. Go for a treasure hunt outdoors
  16. Play hide & seek
  17. Pull silly faces in the mirror after brushing your teeth
  18. Build a den from blankets and cushions
  19. Get squishy with play dough
  20. Help in the kitchen
  21. Play dress up
  22. See how fast you can put away your toys!
  23. Make a music shaker from rice in a tub
  24. Help water the plants
  25. Visit your local library & enjoy free stories at a Bookbug Session
  26. Help put the shopping away
  27. Draw a picture of your favourite animal
  28. Do the Hokey Cokey!
  29. Spot and chase your own shadow
  30. Build a tower out of empty boxes and packaging