When it's cold outside, it can be hard to think of things to do with your child. Keep busy with our 30 things to do before you're 3 list for Winter.

  1. Make a sock puppet
  2. Draw and colour a saltire on St Andrew’s Day – the 30th November
  3. Drop sticks in the river and watch them float down stream
  4. Use your fingers to draw a picture in condensation on a window
  5. Help Mum and Dad make chocolate apples, and get messy eating them afterwards!
  6. Kick up colourful fallen leaves
  7. Snuggle under a blanket for bedtime stories
  8. Make a pom pom
  9. Eat a marshmallow toasted by Mum or Dad
  10. Collect sticks and make a stick man
  11. Go singing in the rain
  12. Make an egg head - plant cress seeds in egg shells, draw on a cheeky face and watch it grow green hair
  13. Help Mum or Dad bake biscuits
  14. Tuck into a bowl of warming winter soup
  15. See your breath on a cold winter morning
  16. Turn an unused glove into a cuddly, little bear
  17. Spot a red robin
  18. Dig out your wellies, jump in a puddle and make a splash!
  19. Get playful in the bath with soap and suds
  20. Get messy making fingertip paintings of your family
  21. Go on a ‘hot or cold’ treasure hunt inside your house
  22. Make a snowflake
  23. Feed the ducks
  24. Turn on some tunes and have a baby disco indoors with Mum and Dad
  25. Spot a twinkly star in the sky
  26. Have fun on a windy day waving a ribbon in the breeze
  27. Play dress up trying on Mum or Dad’s clothes and shoes
  28. Get creative making a newspaper hat
  29. Play hopscotch in the garden with Mum and Dad
  30. Make a noise like an owl – “twit twoo”