Get in touch with your animal side with our WILD list of 30 things to do before you're 3.

  1. Roar like a lion
  2. Enjoy the Year of Natural Scotland by going on a nature walk
  3. Mix up your own home-made face paint and ask mum or dad to turn you into a tiger
  4. Make creepy crawly caterpillars for a snack using grapes
  5. Run fast like a cheetah
  6. Make your own model giraffe with Mum or Dad
  7. Hide soft toy animals around a dark room and pretend to be an explorer
  8. Look about like a meerkat
  9. Paint hand print elephants with Mum or Dad
  10. Jump around like a kangaroo
  11. Make a colourful slithery snake from a toilet roll tube
  12. Waddle like a penguin
  13. Make a pig snout from an egg box
  14. Draw your favourite animal
  15. Find some leaves to make a leaf crown
  16. Flap your arms like an eagle
  17. Make your very own animal zoo from home-made play dough
  18. Laugh like a lemur
  19. Sing Nellie the Elephant
  20. Stretch out your arms to show Mum or Dad how tall a giraffe is
  21. Make a wild mask using a paper plate 
  22. Collect lots of interesting things from outside in a nature bucket
  23. Make your favourite wild animals using clothes pegs
  24. Make your eyes big like an owl
  25. Use a straw to blow paint on paper and watch a wild forest grow!
  26. Make some binoculars from toilet roll tubes and go on a bug hunt
  27. Move around like a chimp
  28. Learn the words and the actions to Itsy Bitsy Spider
  29. Visit your local library and find a book about your favourite animal
  30. Stick your tongue out like a lizard