Get ready for Valentine's Day with 30 lovely things to do together before you're 3.

  1. Wear something red on Valentine’s Day
  2. Make love heart shaped cookies with your loved ones
  3. Pick the toy you love the most and tell Mum
    or Dad why
  4. Visit the library and read a love story
  5. Learn the words to ‘Roses are Red’ and then try making your own poem
  6. Make heart shapes with home-made playdough
  7. Give your loved ones a big hug
  8. Make a pretty string necklace by painting macaroni Valentine's colours
  9. Mix up some home-made face paint and paint hearts on the faces of your loved ones
  10. Make a castle from home-made blocks
  11. Help Mum or Dad make your favourite dinner
  12. Make flower pictures for your loved ones
  13. Send a homemade Valentine’s Day card to your best friend
  14. Get creative and use an empty toilet roll to make a love heart print
  15. Make a handprint heart
  16. Make a splash playing in a bubble bath
  17. Cover your eyes and try to guess which fruit or veg you can taste with Mum or Dad
  18. Make a pretty sun catcher heart for your window with help from Mum or Dad
  19. Prepare very cherry heart sandwiches for lunch with your loved ones
  20. Make your own love heart bookmark
  21. Learn how to say ‘I love you’ in baby sign language
  22. Blow kisses at yourself in the mirror
  23. Breathe on the window and draw a love heart in the condensation
  24. Dance around the house to your favourite love songs
  25. Count stars in the sky and make a wish on the brightest one
  26. Make a lovely cardboard box castle
  27. Create your own name puzzle with the help of Mum or Dad
  28. Go on a walk and collect stones to make your own heart shaped stone art
  29. Make a beautiful rose stamp with celery
  30. Go on a treasure hunt and find as many red things as you can