Take a trip to Blair Drummond safari park and do 30 WILD things.

  1. Balance a ball like a sea lion
  2. Breathe like an otter
  3. Jump like a joey
  4. Roar like a lion
  5. Grip like a chimp
  6. Pout like a primate
  7. Go on a bug hunt
  8. Hang like a lemur
  9. Perch like an owl
  10. See like an eagle
  11. Detect like a dung beetle
  12. Look out for paw prints
  13. Count all the camel humps
  14. Go on a boat trip round Chimp Island
  15. Waddle like a penguin
  16. Slide down the giant astraglide
  17. Run fast like a cheetah
  18. Be a swashbuckler in the pirate ship playground
  19. Play peek-a-boo in the wooden fort
  20. Look around like a meerkat
  21. Count how many different animals you can see 
  22. Watch the bird of prey demonstration
  23. Charge like a rhino
  24. Draw your favourite animal
  25. Dig for treasure in the sandpit
  26. Recycle your rubbish
  27. Sing Nellie the Elephant
  28. Tell Mum or Dad your three favourite animals
  29. Go and see the exciting sea lion show
  30. When you get home, snuggle up and read