It's Spring! Hop outside for some fresh air with our 30 things to do in Spring list.

  1. Go on a nature trail and look for Spring flowers
  2. Make a cute origami bunny rabbit
  3. Get messy in the kitchen and make chocolate nests
  4. Help Mum or Dad do a Spring clean
  5. Have a toy car wash in the garden
  6. Make your own footprint frogs
  7. Sing the rainbow song
  8. Play lily pad hop and see if you hop across the room like a frog!
  9. Play a game of This Little Piggy with Mum or Dad
  10. Collect things from the garden to stick on a nature collage
  11. Be creative and make a cottage cheese lamb snack
  12. Have an egg and spoon race
  13. Make some cotton wool sheep
  14. On a rainy day play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’
  15. Grow your own cress head people
  16. Paint your own flower pot for the garden
  17. Make a sun dial from a paper plate
  18. Blow some colourful bubble snakes
  19. Do some ‘invisible’ painting in the garden or park
  20. Make a sensory water bottle using oil, water and food colouring
  21. Learn the words and actions to Two Little Dickey Birds 
  22. Make a bubble art picture
  23. Play sink or float with Mum or Dad
  24. Paint a finger print rainbow
  25. Water some flowers in the garden
  26. Go on a sound safari with Mum or Dad
  27. Find shapes in the clouds
  28. Play Simon Says with Mum or Dad
  29. Have a weather bath
  30. Get some friends around and play ‘Toddler Olympics’