There are more ways to read than with just a book. Our 30 things to do with reading list will sort you out with plenty of new ideas to help your little one read.

  1. Make up a story - Mum and Dad can help you write it down
  2. Draw and colour a saltire on St Andrew’s Day – the 30th November
  3. Drop sticks in the river and watch them float downstream
  4. Use your fingers to draw a picture in condensation on a window
  5. Help Mum and Dad make chocolate apples, and get messy eating them afterwards!
  6. Make your own reading tent using a clothes horse and a sheet
  7. Snuggle under a blanket for bedtime stories
  8. Make a pom pom
  9. Eat a marshmallow toasted by Mum or Dad
  10. Collect sticks and make a stick man

  11. Go singing in the rain
  12. Help Mum or Dad bake biscuits
  13. Plant cress seeds in egg shells, draw a face and watch green hair grow
  14. Tuck into a bowl of warming winter soup
  15. See your breath on a cold winter morning
  16. Read a book about a snowman with Mum or Dad
  17. Spot a red robin
  18. Dig out your wellies, jump in a puddle and make a splash!
  19. Get playful in the bath with soap and suds
  20. Get messy making fingertip paintings of your family
  21. Mix water and food colouring, then colour the snow
  22. Make a snowflake
  23. Feed the ducks
  24. Turn on some tunes and have a baby disco indoors with Mum and Dad
  25. Spot a twinkly star in the sky
  26. Draw around your hand and write the date on it
  27. Play dress up trying on Mum or Dad’s clothes and shoes
  28. Go to the library and borrow your favourite books
  29. Play hopscotch in the garden with Mum and Dad
  30. Line up some chairs so they become a train