Get that Christmassy feeling with our list of 30 things to do at Christmas before you're 3.

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree with Mum and Dad
  2. Create a winter wonderland using shaving foam
  3. Wrap up warm and make a snow angel in the park
  4. Learn the words to 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and rock around the Christmas tree
  5. Make your own Christmas Day party hats
  6. Bake Christmas biscuits
  7. Pretend to be Santa and sing hohoho!
  8. Decorate a gingerbread man with a beard like Santa's
  9. Make paper snowflake decorations
  10. Learn the names for all of Santa’s reindeer
  11. Read The Grinch at bedtime
  12. Make yourself a Santa hat and beard made from cotton wool and card
  13. Use face paints or make-up to give yourself a red nose like Rudolph
  14. Write a letter to Santa and post it in the letterbox
  15. Leave a carrot out for Rudolph and a biscuit for Santa on Christmas Eve
  16. Make paper chain decorations 
    with Mum or Dad
  17. Pretend you’re Santa’s little helper and help Mum or Dad wrap presents
  18. Make your own Christmas cracker with Mum or Dad
  19. Pick your own holly to decorate at home
  20. Make mini snowmen with marshmallows and chocolate buttons
  21. Create a cotton ball snowman
  22. Use a cardboard box to make your own sleigh like Santa
  23. Paint and draw on brown paper and use as wrapping paper
  24. Have fun at bath time and use the bubbles to make Santa's beard
  25. Make prints in snow with Mum and Dad and guess who's who
  26. Make salt dough, cut out and paint it for Christmas decorations
  27. Make your own Christmas cards
  28. Help Dad make yummy snowball truffles and wrap as presents
  29. Make a snow scene inside a cardboard box
  30. Read "Twas the night before Christmas" with Mum and Dad, then make your own drawings of the story