Have fun playing, talking and reading even when you're on the move with our 30 things to do when you're out and about list.

  1. Sing 'The wheels on the bus' when you spot a bus
  2. Read out the names of the places as you go past
  3. Play I-Spy. I spy with my little eye something beginning with 't'!
  4. Make your own cards and play snap
  5. Collect something everywhere you go to make a scrap book
  6. Make up a story about a place you visit
  7. Visit your local library and enjoy free stories, songs and rhymes at a Bookbug Session
  8. Learn how to say hello in another language
  9. Make your own car from cardboard boxes
  10. Catch a bus to somewhere new. What number will it be?
  11. Make a paper plane and watch it fly
  12. Stop, look and listen to safely cross the road
  13. Make a paper boat and see if it floats in your local pond
  14. Play paper, scissors, stone
  15. Pack your bag for a day out with the help of a grown-up
  16. Count people or cars in the street
  17. Say 'choo choo' and pretend to be a train
  18. Ring the bus bell
  19. Hop, skip and jump to the local shops
  20. Make a camera and pretend to take snaps of your day
  21. Make a snack to take on your journey
  22. Search for a four leaf clover
  23. Check out some children's CDs from your local library
  24. Jump in puddles at the park
  25. Sing and do the actions to 'Round and round the garden'
  26. Count the numbers on the doors in your street
  27. Get a grown-up to read you a story
  28. Go down a slide frontwards and backwards
  29. Play the ABC game and find things that start with each letter of the alphabet
  30. Have a rest! - You've earned it!