Whether your child likes tall tales, silly stories or funny fairy tales, they’ll find loads to love in the library. And it’s totally free to join!

What you need

Your identification (like a utility bill or driver’s licence)


Developing imagination, understanding stories and characters

Building confidence and self-esteem


Making creative decisions.

Improves coordination and stimulates imagination

How long will it take?

1 hr

What to do

  1. Find your local library.
  2. Pop in - there’s no need to make an appointment. Librarians love to see new people.
  3. It’s free to borrow books. Just fill out a quick form and show some identification to become a member. Even newborn babies can become members of the library.
  4. Check when you need to return your items. You usually get to keep books for 2-3 weeks.
  5. Keep your books clean and safe.
  6. Return them when you’ve finished with them. Then you can borrow some more!