Have fun during the World Cup learning about all things football.

  1. Park life: just go down the local park with a ball.
  2. Into feet! Roll the ball gently to your toddler.
  3. Play 'jumpers for goalposts'.
  4. Be the slo-mo goalie: you let in every shot.
  5. Put a toy or inflatable character in goal.
  6. Bounce your football as high as you can.
  7. Running commentary: you're every famous player all at once.
  8. Samba sounds: play Brazilian music and dance around.
  9. Do The Robot and other daft goal celebrations.
  10. Go see a local amateur team playing.
  11. Balance a wee ball on a big ball, then drop them.
  12. Play balloon football at home.
  13. Make your own Trophy from cardboard and tin foil.
  14. Talk about your greatest goal - it doesn't have to be true!
  15. Celebrate winning the Cup with a shoulder high.
  16. Play 'spot the ball'.
  17. Read the sports pages of the newspaper together.
  18. Draw your own football cards - with made up footballer names.
  19. Blue is the colour - or is it? Talk about your team's home and away kit.
  20. The world of football. Show pictures of where teams and players come from.
  21. "Once upon a time there was this wee guy called..." Tell a story about your fav player.
  22. Pretend you're on the team bus: sing, "The Wheels on the Bus".
  23. Start a football scrapbook - cut out pictures from papers or mags.
  24. Learn the words to 'Fitba Crazy'.
  25. Do a Mexican wave at the dinner table. Everyone must join in.
  26. Hall of fame: kick a soft ball about in the hallway.
  27. Oranges at half time: share sweet segments for a perfect break.
  28. Player numbers: the team you can count on.
  29. Banana shot: serve a sliced banana sandwich.
  30. Act out Gemmill's goal against Holland in 1978 - with commentary.