Have fun during the Commonwealth Games with super sports and easy exotic recipes!

  1. Ready...steady...GO! Run or crawl as fast as you can
  2. Give your tot a head-start so they can celebrate like a sports superstar
  3. Take a trip to your local beach and do the long jump
  4. Fruit bowls - play carpet bowls with some oranges
  5. Little people don't need a pool - they can pretend to be Michael Jamieson in the bath!
  6. You are what you eat - eat runner beans and you'll soon be speedy!
  7. Draw the flags of different countries...
  8. ...colour them in, and play flag snap!
  9. Make a gold medal for a winner to wear!
  10. Sofa gold - Act out the high jump onto the couch
  11. Turn your kid's vest into their Team Scotland kit
  12. Pretend to be Dan Purvis by jumping, tumbling, hopping and stretching
  13. Have some heavyweight fun by play-wrestling
  14. Do a slow-mo photo-finish. Don't forget to duck for the line
  15. Cover a kitchen roll with tinfoil for an instant relay baton!
  16. Put on dressing gowns and pretend to be judo masters
  17. Pretend a light object is heavy
  18. Make a crown just like the queen's and declare the Games open!
  19. Cheer on Team Scotland with a homemade foam finger
  20. Get inspired by the netball teams and make a teddy bear toss
  21. Make mini-hurdles (soft toys are perfect) and jump them like Eilidh Child
  22. Grow Clyde's hair using red lettuce or cress seeds
  23. Make a gymnastics ribbon from a stick and some string or ribbon
  24. Host an opening ceremony and carry your flag like a champion
  25. Try some food from another country in the games
  26. Make flags out of your favourite foods
  27. 'Let the Games Begin!' sing the official song and dance along
  28. Face off - Paint your little one's face like a flag
  29. Look in the library for a story about sports
  30. Hop, skip, jump...how far can you go?