Make something special of those simple, everyday moments you spend together.

  1. Rise and shine! Why not start the day by dancing to your favourite song together?
  2. Make teeth brushing fun by pulling funny faces at each other in the mirror
  3. Invent a getting dressed song by singing what your kid needs to put on next
  4. Whispering makes talking about almost anything fun - give it a go!
  5. If it's wet outside, make the puddles your playground and splash around together
  6. Blow some raspberries on your tot's tummy - the wetter the better!
  7. Hop, skip and jump over the lines in the pavement when you're out and about
  8. The bus is the perfect place for a game of I-spy!
  9. On your way to the shops? Have a blether about the things you need to buy
  10. Spot the colours in the shops ... who'll be the first to see something purple?
  11. Let your little chef help you make food into funny shapes
  12. Eating together makes food taste yummier - so take your seats and tuck in!
  13. Housework can be fun - get splashy in the sink and do the washing up as a team
  14. Put on a bedtime play for your sleepy star by making shadow shapes on the wall
  15. Put the radio on and boogie - don't worry if you can't dance, just copy your little one!
  16. Pretend your baby's spoon is an aeroplane or a train
  17. Feed their imagination - make up stories about pictures on food packets
  18. Have a ball together ... by gently rolling a ball to each other!
  19. Enjoy a story together - silly voices will make the characters even more fun
  20. Play space rockets by jumping high into the air
  21. Ready, steady...get where you're going faster by (safely) racing each other
  22. Pile up some cushions and make a super-soft story time spot
  23. Have fun getting messy together
  24. Have a chat about the nice things that happened in your day
  25. Change the names in a nursery rhyme so you have your own song
  26. Bath bubbles make great beards - who can make the funniest?
  27. Bring a teddy to life...and watch your little one come to life too!
  28. Get guaranteed giggles with a game of peek-a-boo
  29. Do animal impressions - who can do the loudest lion's roar?
  30. Have a BIG bear hug before bed