Keep your little monsters occupied with this bewitching ring toss game. It's easy to set up and lots of fun to play.

What you need

Black paper


Colourful stickers




Pipe cleaners

Safety scissors


Improves coordination

Learning how to cooperate with each other and take turns

Learning through watching and copying others

How long will it take?

1 hr

What to do

  1. First make the witch's hats and hoops. For the hats, roll the black card into a cone shape and then attach another piece of black card for the base. For the hoops, simply attach one end of the pipe cleaner to the other in a circle shape. Next get your kid to decorate the witch's hats with stickers, paint and glitter - now you're ready to play!

    what you need
  2. To play, space out the hats and then encourage your wee one to throw the hoops over the top of them.

    witch hat ring toss