When you're under 3 the world is a big mystery. Help your little one explore their environment through sight, touch, taste, sound and smell with our list of 30 things to do using your senses.

  1. Splash around with your toys in a tray of water
  2. Make some noisy maracas using a plastic bottle filled with rice or dried pasta
  3. Make garden perfume with a bucket of water and your favourite smelling flower petals
  4. Find all the old keys in your house and hang them from a branch to make a jingly jangly wind chime
  5. Pretend you are a chef and make gooey mud pies with dandelions for decoration
  6. Cut a hole in a box, wrap rubber bands around and rock out to the sound of your homemade guitar
  7. Draw around Mum or Dad's hand to make a bird shape
  8. Make a drum out of a tin can and hit it to the beat of your favourite song
  9. Get a bucket full of bubbles and give the car a bath
  10. Take a trip to the beach and listen to the noise a shell makes
  11. Taste a fruit or vegetable that you have never eaten before
  12. Pretend to be a detective by turning off lights and use a torch to investigate
  13. Have a tickle war with Mum or Dad
  14. Make a map by colouring in paper using teabags dunked in cold water
  15. Explore outside and gather things to make a nature garden in a bucket
  16. Create your own jungle out of green play dough and broccoli
  17. Help hang out the washing with colourful pegs
  18. Listen to your favourite music and have a boogie
  19. Find a soft feather and tickle Mum and Dad
  20. Get your mum to paint you as a lion and "RAAAWR!"
  21. Make some wings out of cardboard and imagine you can fly
  22. Practice your best soldier marching and shout "Left! Right! Attention!"
  23. Make puppets with your hands and watch their shadow on the wall
  24. Build a cosy fort out of bed sheets and make sure no enemies can see in!
  25. Learn the actions to 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'
  26. Play cotton wool football by blowing across the table
  27. Practice your butterfly kisses
  28. Make a set of noisy drums out of pots and pans
  29. Build a big tower out of plastic cups and then knock them over
  30. Play leapfrog and 'ribbit!'