Help bring reading and stories to life for your young children by completing our 30 things to do when reading with your kid before they're 3 list.

  1. Make a reading tent for your little explorer using a sheet and a clothes horse
  2. Feed your child's imagination - paint pebbles with funny characters and make a story with them
  3. Choose your child's favourite book and play I-spy and spot the different thing on the page
  4. When you're out and about chat to your little one about what you can see
  5. Find a book about monsters and get snuggle on the couch with your little gremlin
  6. Read road signs to your little one as you drive past them
  7. Bake with your little chef using an easy recipe - how about some fairy cakes?
  8. Get guaranteed giggles from your tot when you do the different voices of 'The Three Little Bears'
  9. Ready, steady... Green! Have a go at finding different colours in your kid's favourite book
  10. Join in with the free activities at the library - the Bookbug sessions are always a laugh
  11. Get your little storyteller to re-tell a book using the pictures
  12. Take your little one to the supermarket and read the food labels with them
  13. Do an impression of the Gruffalo - who's got the best growl?
  14. Get your tot to pick their favourite book to read - even if it's for the 100th time!
  15. Take a trip to the local library and get your bookworm their very own library card
  16. Wait for the postman to arrive and read leaflets that pop through the letterbox
  17. If you have bigger kids, get them to read a story to their wee brother or sister
  18. When you're out and about, read street signs and menus to your tot to build up their word bank
  19. Make a cosy story spot where your wee one can keep their books
  20. On your way to the shops? Swing by a charity shop & pick up some bargain books
  21. Sing a song with your little pop star - how about twinkle twinkle little star?
  22. Make a mask of your wee one's favourite storybook character
  23. Cook alphabet spaghetti & spell out your kid's name
  24. Tell your tot a made up story when you're queuing at the shops
  25. Put on a show before bedtime and act out the story of your child's favourite book
  26. Make your very own flap-up book by sticking down card shapes onto paper
  27. Make a bedroom plaque with your little one's name on it
  28. Look at a magazine with your child & read the headlines on each page
  29. Sing a soothing lullaby to your little star before bed
  30. Write a letter to your little one, pretend to post it and then read it back to them.