Little tots are big fun for dads, so get tackling these tasks together!

  1. Make paper aeroplanes with Dad and see how far you can throw them
  2. Can we fix it? Yes we can! Help Dad be a handy man and fix things around the house
  3. Get Dad to help you draw a funny face on a banana and then put on a silly show for Mum
  4. Get Dad to blow raspberries on your tummy and see how long you can hold in the giggles
  5. Build your own fort with chairs and sheets and snuggle up to a story about dragons
  6. Imagine what super powers you and Dad have and then make each other a superhero cape
  7. Spread your arms out and zoom around with Dad pretending to be aeroplanes
  8. Head down to the park and play an action-packed game of Frisbee
  9. Design Dad a funky tie made out of paper with lots of bright colours and patterns
  10. Turn up the radio and sing-along when you're in the car with Dad
  11. Play a game of paper basketball and see who can get the best score
  12. Play spot the traffic with Dad. How many red cars can you see?
  13. There's 'neigh' end to the fun playing horsey-horsey on Dad's back
  14. The gold medal goes to... Have your own Olympics with Dad
  15. Toot toot! Get Dad to help you build your own car out of a cardboard box
  16. Head down to your local pool for a splash about with Dad
  17. Record your Dad singing along to a silly song and play it back to Mum
  18. Rustle up some tasty pancakes with your dad for breakfast at the weekend
  19. Blow up a balloon, rub it on Dad's head and watch his hair go crazy
  20. If it rains, pop on your wellies and take Dad for a splash
  21. Pretend to be a giant and sit on Dad's shoulders
  22. Have a go at the '30 things to do with a ball' list
  23. Learn a rhyme - 'Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs...'
  24. Hold your dad's hands, stand on his toes and walk like a robot
  25. Find a rug in your house and go on a magic carpet ride with Dad
  26. Turn everyday things into transport - the stairs make a great bus!
  27. Go down to the woods for a bear hunt with Dad
  28. Make up a secret handshake with your dad
  29. Head down to the park and show Dad your footie skills
  30. Play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' with Dad