Keep on giggling with our 30 things to laugh at before you're 3 list. You'll both be in fits before you know it.

  1. Have a game of hide and seek in the house with Mum and Dad
  2. Play peek-a-boo with Mum and pretend you can't see her
  3. Play a silly game of calling things the wrong name
  4. Tickle Dad's toes with a feather
  5. Make a rule that nobody can smile or laugh for a minute and see who can last
  6. While you're in the bath, make a bubble beard for you and some bubble hair for Dad
  7. Have a competition to to see who can pull the funniest face
  8. Pretend to be a tickle monster and tickle Dad's tummy
  9. Walk around the house in super-slow motion doing a slow-mo voice
  10. Sing and act out the song 'You cannae shove your granny off the bus'
  11. Have a laughing competition and see who can do the biggest belly laugh
  12. For a laugh try dressing up in your mum or dad's clothes
  13. Sing a song and change the words - 'Row, row, row your giraffe...'
  14. Read a book with Dad and do a silly voice for each character
  15. Have a go at making animal noises with Mum
  16. Get Dad to blow up a balloon, let it go and watch it zoom around
  17. Get Dad to give you a piggy-back and chase Mum around the park
  18. Waddle like a penguin on your way to the shops
  19. Make a silly hat out of newspaper and decorate it with glitter
  20. Put on music and do a funny dance
  21. Do your dad's hair - make sure you use lots of pretty hair clips!
  22. Pretend a banana is a phone then try and call your granny
  23. If you're a baby, get Mum or Dad to rip up paper in front of you
  24. Do some dancing and get Dad to copy all your groovy dance moves
  25. For a good giggle, play the 'Smelly Sausages' game with Dad
  26. Rub noses and do some butterfly kisses
  27. Sit on Dad's knee and pretend his leg is a horse
  28. See if you can beat Dad at a game of balloon catch
  29. Tell Mum your funniest joke
  30. Get Dad to do his best impression of a jellyfish