Fill an afternoon with this hot and cold hunting game. We've used a PlayTalkRead ball here, but it's just as much fun with a homemade ball. You could try anything from rolled-up socks, to newspaper or play dough.

What you need

A ball

Good hiding places


Improves coordination and strength

Develops confidence

Builds up a word bank

How long will it take?

15 mins

What to do

  1. Hide the ball. Good hiding places are behind a curtain, under a cushion or even under a slide at the park.

  2. Encourage your wee one to find the ball. Use words like 'cool', 'chilly', 'cold' and 'freezing' when they are far away from it.

  3. As your wee one gets closer to the ball, use words like 'warm', 'hotter' and 'boiling' until they find it.

  4. Give them a big cheer when they find it. If you enjoyed playing 'Hot and cold' together why not check out our 30 things to do with a ball list?