The best part about ball play is that you don't even need a real ball - all you need is some scrunched up paper or a ball of socks.

  1. Roll a ball along the grass and encourage your wee one to pass it back to you
  2. Encourage your wee one to squeeze and tap the ball
  3. Play toddler hockey using some rolled up socks and your hands
  4. Place a ball in front of your wee one to encourage them to crawl
  5. Practise counting out loud as you pass the ball to each other
  6. Give your little one a small ball of paper and encourage them to throw it up in the air
  7. Line up plastic cups on the floor and knock them over with the ball… strike!
  8. Boo! Hide behind the ball and play peek-a-boo
  9. Play baby basketball with a laundry basket and some rolled up paper
  10. Use waterproof or washable balls to paint a picture together
  11. Hold the ball in front of your baby and encourage them to reach out
  12. Roll a ball to each other down a slide at the park
  13. Balance your ball on a paper plate and have a walking race
  14. Sit back-to-back and pass the ball to each other
  15. Make lots of different sized balls out of play dough
  16. Put the ball in a pillowcase and throw it in the air to make a parachute
  17. Help your baby to pass the ball from one hand to the other
  18. Throw the ball over a line of cereal boxes – ready, aim, shoot!
  19. Encourage your wee one to notice different textures
  20. Hide the ball and help your wee one find it by saying ‘hot’ and ‘cold’
  21. Use a soft ball to give your baby a gentle massage
  22. Make a ‘web’ of tape and throw scrunched up newspaper at it
  23. Tape duct-tape shapes on the floor and bounce your ball into them
  24. Dance the Hokey-Cokey and bounce the ball in and out
  25. Take a photo with your wee one and a ball and post it #playtalkread
  26. Cut a hole out of a cardboard box and throw your ball through it
  27. Play with a waterproof ball in the bath – does it sink or does it float?
  28. Play with different balls together e.g. tennis ball, newspaper ball and football
  29. Hide the ball under one of three pillows and ask them to find where it is
  30. Bounce a ball off your head and make your wee one laugh