“I was a bit worried that Amelia might have forgotten me,” says Robbie. He’s been away working at sea for four months – since his baby was just a tiny tot. “But me and Karen worked hard to make sure I was still in her life.”

Coming home, Robbie has to re-adjust to the daily demands of being a Dad. “You do forget the simple stuff, like how to put a nappy on.” he says.

"But it soon comes back to you. It’s great fun too. Kids are entertained by the daftest things. Singing to them, doing funny voices or just dancing round the room with them. They love it.”

It’s a hard life being away from home. But Robbie feels it’s vital to spend time bonding with baby Amelia. “You don’t always know if you’re doing a good job,” he admits. “You just do your best, and that’s what matters."