“Sometimes you feel like you’re on your own when you’re looking after a child,” says full-time father Rodger. While his wife Vicky is out working long hours as a chef, Rodger runs the household and looks after little Harris.

“I’ve got my own routine. I thought it would be just like a job, but it’s hard. If the weather’s bad, you can feel stuck at home. You end up talking to yourself!"

So when the PlayTalkRead bus comes to town, there's a chance for Rodger and Harris to get out and meet other mums, dads and kids. “The PlayTalkRead bus is great,” says Rodger. "Harris is ready to interact with other kids. You can see his brain developing every day. He’s starting to communicate.”

Listen carefully, and you can hear Harris saying "Hiya!” to the play leader as he arrives at the PlayTalkRead bus.