Children love brightly coloured things – and that means they also love brightly coloured food. Your child will have fun making these clever turkey shapes with pepper slices, and they come in a delicious rainbow of different colours.

What you need

Red, green, yellow or orange peppers

Mozzarella balls

Black olives

A safe knife (only to be used by Mum or Dad)


Picking up the peppers helps develop hand eye coordination

Learning to listen

Learning new words and developing imagination, teaching your child about food.

And don’t forget, the everyday things you do together make a big difference and can help your child to grow up healthier and happier.

How long will it take?

15 mins

What to do

  1. Chop the top off the red pepper and scoop out the seeds to make the turkey's body. Shape the top of the pepper into waves.

    slicing pepper
  2. Use the mozzarella balls for eyes and add half a black olive for the nose. Slice some of the other peppers into long thin slices and let your child fill the body of the turkey with the peppers.

    turkey pepper