Who needs an ordinary sandwich when you can make one shaped like a boat? This is guaranteed to make your little sailor smile.

What you need


Ham (or any filling your toddler loves)





Learning to listen

Learning new words

Healthy eating becomes more appealing

How long will it take?

15 mins

What to do

  1. Make a sandwich as usual and cut into three pieces – making sure each one is bigger than the next.

    blueberries and sandwich
  2. Then chop the cucumber into slices, and arrange as shown in the picture. Now your child can add some big waves out of blueberries. As your child adds waves to their boat, why not talk about the sea and all the creatures that live under those waves? Pretend to be a shark and nibble their fingers, or pretend to be a kissing fish and give them a great big smooch!

    sandwich boat