We all love big kisses and cuddles, but children love them best of all. They also love to look at faces. Make your kisses into a game that will have them laughing and learning.

What you need

Just you and your child


Develops fine motor skills and coordination

A feeling of being loved, understanding faces and the differences between them and others

Learning about the world by example

And don’t forget, the everyday things you do together make a big difference and can help your child to grow up healthier and happier

How long will it take?

15 mins

What to do

  1. Point to your eyes and say ‘eyes.’ Point to THEIR eyes and say ‘eyes.’ Do the same with chin, cheeks, ears and mouth.
  2. At the end, say ‘and here’s your….NOSE!’ and give them a kiss on the nose and a big cuddle.

    baby holding finger to mouth