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She's started crawling

Karen & Amelia

Home from the sea

Karen & Amelia

Finding a friend in Bookbug

Karen & Amelia

Episode 1: Finding a friend in Bookbug

Karen is a married mum with a new baby Amelia. Her husband Robbie is in the merchant navy and works away from home for months at a time.

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Karen is keen to make sure that Amelia keeps a good connection with Robbie. Every day, she shows pictures of Daddy – and plays his voice – to Amelia.

Karen likes to keep busy, chatting to Amelia all day. But, while it’s great being a mum, she sometimes misses grown-up company. A trip to the local library for a free Bookbug Session proves the perfect answer. It’s fun for little ones and grown-ups also have a chance to chat together. “It’s so welcoming,” says Karen. “Everyone understands what you’re going through. You can really find new friends.”

Episode 2: Home from the sea

“I was a bit worried that Amelia might have forgotten me,” says Robbie. He’s been away working at sea for four months – since his baby was just a tiny tot. “But me and Karen worked hard to make sure I was still in her life.”

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Coming home, Robbie has to re-adjust to the daily demands of being a Dad. “You do forget the simple stuff, like how to put a nappy on.” he says. "But it soon comes back to you. It’s great fun too. Kids are entertained by the daftest things. Singing to them, doing funny voices or just dancing round the room with them. They love it.”

It’s a hard life being away from home. But Robbie feels it’s vital to spend time bonding with baby Amelia. “You don’t always know if you’re doing a good job,” he admits. “You just do your best, and that’s what matters."

Episode 3: She's started crawling

"She’s started crawling, standing up and walking – I’ve got to have eyes in the back of my head," says Karen. Since the last episode baby Amelia has started to explore the world around her.

Dad has gone back to sea and he’s been sending Amelia videos everyday. You’ll melt when Amelia’s wee face lights up when she recognises her dad on Karen’s phone. And even though she can’t quite communicate herself, Karen knows Amelia understands – "I can’t wait to hear her talk, I love her wee laughing voice – it’s just incredible."

Tori, Karen’s best friend, tells us about Karen and Amelia’s close bond – "They’ve got a very good relationship, a strong connection… when she grows up she’ll be proud that Karen’s her mum." Karen talks about how the PlayTalkRead website has helped her find things to do – things that don’t cost money and as Karen says "seeing them learn and know that you’ve helped them is the best feeling ever."

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