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Rodger & Harris

Waiting on the bus

Rodger & Harris

Being a full-time dad

Rodger & Harris

Episode 1: Being a full-time dad

Rodger loved working as a chef. But, when his partner Vicky wanted to go back to work, he gave up his job to look after their little boy Harris.

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Harris is a lively lad, and Rodger has his hands full keeping his son occupied. “Get him out and tire him out. That’s my idea.” says Rodger.

The full-time dad finds that getting out and about helps his son feel calm at home. But, like many young parents, Rodger and Vicky have to count the pennies. Rodger saved up for months to buy a bike cart so that he and Harris can get around, in any weather. Back home, Harris is ready to relax and enjoy a snuggle and a story with Dad.

Episode 2: Waiting on the bus

“Sometimes you feel like you’re on your own when you’re looking after a child,” says full-time father Rodger. While his wife Vicky is out working long hours as a chef, Rodger runs the household and looks after little Harris. “I’ve got my own routine. I thought it would be just like a job, but it’s hard. If the weather’s bad, you can feel stuck at home. You end up talking to your self!"

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So when the PlayTalkRead bus comes to town, there's a chance for Rodger and Harris to get out and meet other mums, dads and kids. “The PlayTalkRead bus is great,” says Rodger. "Harris is ready to interact with other kids. You can see his brain developing every day. He’s starting to communicate.”

Listen carefully, and you can hear Harris saying ‘Hiya!” to the play leader as he arrives at the PlayTalkRead bus.

Episode 3: Spending more time with your kids

"Spending more time with your kids, that’s what it’s all about" – Rodger explains that it doesn’t matter if money’s tight, or you don’t have the ‘right stuff’. They always find a way to have a good time together.

It’s magic to watch their friendship growing. They’re spending their days learning to communicate, having a laugh, playing games and of course, making trips to the beach. Rodger’s partner, Vikki, talks about how being a dad has made Rodger more confident – "You’ve only got to look at the bond they’ve got together as father and son, it’s so special… it means the world."

Rodger also talks about his experience of PlayTalkRead – "The website plants the seed – it says it itself: play, talk and read. It doesn’t cost you any money." At the end of the day, like he says, it’s people like him using the PlayTalkRead website. It’s regular folk that want to give their kids the best start in life.

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