Floating sticks down the Burn of Lunklet



Watching planes take off at Sumburgh Airport



Finding the sign to Michaelswood in Aith


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1Watching planes take off at Sumburgh Airport

2Watching the seals on the rocks at the Sletts

3Finding the sign to Michaelswood in Aith

4Floating sticks down the Burn of Lunklet

5Curling up on a beanbag for a story at Shetland Library

6Walking through the Gairdins at Sand

7Waving to helicopters at Scatsta Airport

8Collecting different coloured seaweed at Meal Beach, Burra

9Borrowing a book from the library van

10Going for a day trip to the North Isles or Whalsay

11Paddling in the sea and building a sandcastle at Spiggie Beach

12Having a reading picnic on Muckle Roe

13Spotting rooks’ nests in the trees at Kergord

14Counting the windmills on the hill between Lerwick and Scalloway

15Finding the model pig at the Shetland Museum

16Pretending to be a Pict at Clickimin Broch

17Sitting on a real tractor at a country show

18Spotting puffins and reading about them at Sumburgh Head

19Whale watching at Eshaness

20Writing our names on the beach at St Ninian’s Isle

21Joining in the free activities at Unst Leisure Centre

22Saying ‘goodbye’ and waving to the ferry leaving Holmsgarth

23Watching the oil tankers at Sullom Voe

24Finding a real pig at Burland Croft in Trondra

25Making up stories about scallywags at Scalloway Castle

26Counting the buses leaving Lerwick bus station at 5pm

27Playing on the swings at Gulberwick

28Saying ‘hello’ to the Shetland ponies at Brindister

29Finding out the names of the boats at the Toft Ferry Terminal

30Looking for swans on the loch at Tingwall