30 things to do in the kitchen before you're 3 A great way to exercise your baby A simple kids recipe that will float their boat A simple recipe for some tasty turtle bread Be creative and make an easy but fun kids' den Being a full-time Dad Brighten your kid's day by helping them to find different colours Choo-choo-choose to make this fun kids' dessert Clown around and make a silly hat Cook up a storm with nature's brew Create a baby lion with your child using their handprint Create a cardboard box castle Create a collage of baby's first birthday Create a glittering underwater sea adventure together Create a pet out of play dough Create a racket by playing balloon tennis together with your child Create a twig boat with your kid Create fireworks with this fun craft idea Create The Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday decorations with your child Create your own bowling alley with your child Create your own Commonwealth Games for your kid Create your own monster with this easy activity Do easy kids' crafts together like painting leaves Eating fruit is a real laugh with these funny faces Feed your kid's imagination with reading Feeling like a princess Finding a friend in Bookbug For a rawr-ly fun time make these dino stomping shoes For splashy fun with your child try singing in the rain Get crafty and make your own play dough Get exploring with a torch treasure hunt Get hoofing around with funky reindeer feet Get hunting with 'Hot and cold' Get in the party mood by making birthday decorations with your child Get messy with squishing jelly eyeballs at Halloween Get messy with this gloopy idea Get on track with this car racing game Get outside and have some active fun with your child Get slam-dunking with this baby basketball game Get some exercise and have a laugh with your child Get wrapped up in toilet paper mummies Get your child toddling with this fun obstacle course Get your kid in the kitchen to make this lightning fast snack Give your child a ‘pizza’ the action with these simple bagel treats Go for a bumpy ride round the living room with your child Go on a toy scavenger hunt outside Have a fun family picnic with your child Have a go at being a wiggly worm Have a hoot making a Santa mask, ho ho ho! Have a laugh in the bath Have fun making a handprint picture with Dad Have fun making these paper plate masks with your child Have fun outdoors creating a nature bucket with your child Have fun outside with Dad Hear your kid roar with this hilarious party game Help your child be creative and make magical puffy paint Help your child make Dad a superhero for a day Home from the sea Kitchen fun with your smashing little kid Laugh out loud by playing chin karaoke with your kid Make a baby book together that you can keep forever Make a cardboard guitar with your child
Make a celebration sensory box for your child Make a magical musical key-chime Make a microphone and sing some baby songs Make a paper plate owl with your kid Make a slimy sensory bag Make a sock puppet with your child Make a tasty pasta lion dinner with your hungry little cub Make a zoo with your child and become a zookeeper Make kids' snacks that look good enough to eat Make mealtimes colourful and healthy with this yummy recipe Make some kids' party food Make some noise with this homemade rattle Make these 'Incy Wincy Spider' puppets Make these adorable tree decorations Make these cool cotton wool spider webs Make these cute singing puppets with your child Make this ghostly paper plate decoration with your kid Make your child tall with this delicious sandwich giraffe snack Make your own musical instruments with your child Make yummy pizza mummies together Move the sunshine indoors by bringing the beach to you ONLINE GAME: Can you name the animal? ONLINE GAME: Colouring In ONLINE GAME: Let's Talk Shop ONLINE GAME: Matching Shopping Pairs ONLINE GAME: Peek-a-boo ONLINE GAME: Picture Puzzle ONLINE GAME: Pop a bubble Orla did it! Paint story stones with your child Paint your child's face like a storybook character Play a bath game seeing if objects sink or float Play dress up with a grown-up's wardrobe Play hide and seek with Teddy Play shops with the whole family Play the 'Smelly Sausages' game Play this bewitching ring toss game Play this fun guessing game with your kid Play this funny shadow game in the garden with your child Play this simple children's game together - ready, set, blow! Play this teddy bear toss game to keep the kids happy Put the fun into rainy days with these homemade rain sticks Read a story in character Sail away happy with this yummy kids' snack See new sights together by making your own binoculars Shake along to a Christmas song She's started crawling Smarten Dad up with a homemade tie Spend a day in the sun creating invisible paintings Spend more time with your kids Spending time, not money Splash around together with a water activity for your child Surprise your child by making Teddy disappear and come back again! Teach your child about faces with this super cuddly game This scary pumpkin soup is sure to go down a treat Turn the kitchen sink into playtime for your child Turn your child's favourite book characters into spoon puppets VIDEO: Play in the simplest way VIDEO: Playing with a piggy bank VIDEO: Playing with toys Waiting on the bus You and your kid will go loopy for these lovely paper chains






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